We are a family owned and operated company. The original company Redi-Strip of Arizona was opened in 1985 and held a factory service and repair license from one of America’s largest P.F.E manufactures. Then as the years progressed many environmental rules where overlooked pushing the company to extinction. In 2008 the Tedhams family who previously founded and operated a Mercedes-Benz service center for 34 years in Phoenix stepped in and bought the company. After several years of working with the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, the Arizona Department of Air Quality and the City of Tempe we were able to remedy all environmental problems with this property.

Clean Metal Industries is proud of its work as earth stewards in cleaning and maintaining this property in compliance with all Federal, State and City regulations. As a large manufacture you are intimately aware of your responsibility for all waste products leaving your location being disposed of by another business. Our records and references are available to you at anytime as one of our “family” members. As one of our service customers I will give my personal cell phone number to your service maintenance staff to keep on file so that anytime you need to, you can go directly to the owner of Clean Metal Industries. The Buck Does Stop Right Here.

Arizona EPA License #AZD980885149

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